An internet sales promotion serves to encourage the consumption of our products or services in a specific period of time. Promotions are very useful tools but sometimes they are overlooked and underestimated due to lack of time or creativity.

Here at Apexx Advertising, we know the potential behind promotions and we know how to take advantage of them to the point of making them an essential pillar for your business. As a business  owner, your goal is to bring awareness to your products/services. Ultimately, it’s to generate MORE business!! Right?? So, how do we get more customers into your door?? Well, offer them incentives to do so.

Apexx Advertising will create the promotions you need to attract more customers to your business by launching them on all your Social Media platforms.

Online promotions offer us many possibilities to communicate more quickly, cheaply and effectively. Below we show you a list of different types of promotions! Choose what works best for you and start selling more today! Contact us to customize your package!

  • Price: Lower the price of your products and services.
  • Quantity of Product: Offer more products for the same price.
  • Community Programs: Consuming in your business helps a social or environmental cause.
  • Coupons: Offer discounts that can be printed online and redeemed at your location.

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