Flyers and Postcards


They are a great way of advertising your business in paper. They are intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public places, handed out to individuals or sent through the mail. Imagine how much more you can expand your business by handing them out?!!

Choosing Paper Stock For Flyers:

  • Glossy: Finish is shiny and reflective. Perfect for photos and images.
  • Matte: Finish has less glare. It gives a smoother appearance and more contrast.
  • Uncoated: It has no glare at all! Its great for readability and easy to write on.
  • Recycled: It has more of a natural feel and it’s made from 100% recycled materials.
  • Linen: It has a high-quality, uniquely textured feel that mimics fine cloth.

Choosing Paper Weight For Flyers:

  • Budget: 80-lb paper, 3.6 -4-pt – similar thickness to magazines.
  • Standard: 100-lb paper, 4.5-6-pt (except for 70-lb linen and 80-lb recycled) – common in art or kids’ books.
  • Premium: 100-110-lb cover, 9.5-14-pt – heavier stock, similar to an invitation or poster.
  • Premium Plus: 115-lb cover, 16-pt – thicker and more sturdy, like food or product packaging.


They are versatile, easy-to-design and effective. You can use them for mail campaigns, street marketing, appointment reminders, coupons, box inserts and more!!

Choosing Paper Stock For Postcards:

  • Premium matter (16-pt): Matte varnish front, with a silk coated back. Best for colors and easy to write on.
  • Premium Glossy (16-pt): UV glossy front and silk coated back. Great for photos and colorful cards.
  • Premium Soft Touch (16-pt): Smooth, velvety matte coating that feels unlike any of our other stocks.
  • Premium Plus Glossy Frond & Back (18-pt): A thicker, heavier stock with a UV glossy front and back. Makes colors and images really pop on both sides.
  • Standard Recycled (14-pt): It has a more natural feel, made from 100% recycled materials.
  • Standard Matte (14-pt): Silk coated front and back. Good for readability and easy to write on. 
  • Standard Glossy (14-pt): Glossy front and uncoated back. Adds richness to your design and logo.